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    College Profile

    With a history of 91 years, JSAFC was founded in 1923, which has now developed into a multidisciplinary,comprehensive higher vocational college features agriculture majors. It is now the first batch of demonstrative higher vocational colleges in China,and titled as "the high-level higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province". It also takes the leadership in organizing China Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group. It has excellent school conditions and school-running strength.

    JSAFC is located in Jurong City,an outstanding tourist city to the east of Nanjing. It covers an area of 6,000 acres, with a construction area of nearly 600,000 square meters. The campus consists of one main campus and two practice andtraining bases. The maincampusis located in the urban area of Jurong City while the twobasesare respectively in Jiangsu Agricultural Expo Park and Jiangsu Tea Expo Park.


    There are 9 schools in JSAFC, including School of Landscape Architecture, School of Horticultural Technology, School of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, School of Tea and Food Science, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Economics and Humanities, School of International Education, School of Marxism andSchool of Continuing Education. There are 39 majors and more than 13,000 students.

    JSAFC has always adhered to the characteristics of "agriculture", persisting in the vocational teaching direction of agriculture, focusing on constructing modern agricultural brand majors such as agriculture,forestry and animal husbandry, and moderately developing the related majors, forming into a relatively complete major system, among which,gardening technology, forestry technology, horticultural technology, crop production technology, animal husbandry and veterinary, pet conservation and taming and other six majors are all listed as national key majors.

    School-running Conditions

    There are more than 700 staff members in the college. The proportion of full-time teachers with associate professor or above title is more than 35%. Three experts JSAFC are enjoying national special allowance, and another 3 achieved the title as national outstanding teachers, 2 teachers are named as the national Plan of "10,000 Talents" and the national model teachers. There are 18 provincial famous teachers, 1 chief expert of tea industry technology system in Jiangsu Province, and 105 provincial gold medal coaches of "333 Projects" and "6 Peaks of Talents". JSAFC has 1 national teaching team,6 provincial teaching teams and 3 provincial scientific research teams.

    Jiangsu Agricultural Expo Park and Jiangsu Tea Expo Parkareour training bases, cover a core area of more than 5,000 acres and a radiation area of over 10,000 acres. There are 6 professional training centers,such as industrial plant breeding,and 5 production training centers including grain and oil production center. There are also 27 research and development platforms, including the National Forestry and Grassland Long-term Research Base, Jiangsu Modern Horticultural Engineering Center, and Jiangsu Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Center. At the same time,the 2 parks are respectively national AAA and AAAA tourist scenic spots,and both selected as the first batch of national new professional farmers cultivation demonstration bases.

    JSAFC is the national vocational college skill competition base for agricultural skill competition, owing to our complete experimental training system. It is fully equipped with all the facilities and conditions to undertake all the national agricultural skill competitions,and has successively hosted the 6 batches of national agricultural vocational college skill competitions. In 2016, it was identified as the China Training Base for the Horticultural Project in World Skills Competition by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

    Research and Social Services

    JSAFC persists in serving the modern agricultural industry,and established 9 scientific teams, focusing on the research and development of grass,tea,seed industry and coloured leaf seedlings, relying on 20 provincial and ministerial level research and development platforms. We have cultivated 37 new varieties such as crops and colored leaf seedlings,researched more than 40 innovativetechnologies, authorized 697 invention patents,and also won more than 30 major scientific and technological achievements awards.

    JSAFC promoted and transformed 128 practical newtechnologies such as turf grass and colored leaf seedlings, and cultivated more than 100,000 new professional farmers. It was established as a national new professional farmer training demonstration base and a young farmer training base, and was listed on the top 50 of service contributors among all the national higher vocational colleges for two consecutive years.

    International Exchanges and Cooperation

    JSAFC undertakes the construction of the Sino-French Agricultural Training and Rural Revitalization Service Center and the Sino-French Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park, where Chinese and French governments jointly carry out agricultural science and technology research, French high-tech agricultural technology promotion and new professional farmers training.

    JSAFC is the first batch of scientific support and talent training base for international agricultural cooperation. It aims at the countries along the "Belt and Road" to demonstrate and promote advanced concepts, models, experiences and technologies of modern agricultural development in China, and carry out the "going out" talent training and vocational farmers training, fresh water fishery training and trainings on other production technologies.

    JSAFC cooperated with Egton University in Kenya to build the Sino-Kenya Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstrative Park. The first overseas branch school of JSAFC was co-built with the China-Lao Friendship School. The two schools jointly built the China-Lao Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstrative Park and became a comprehensive production and education base for higher vocational education.

    In 2018, JSAFC enrolled 235 full-time international students from 16 countries. At the same time, it the title of Top 50higher vocational colleges with international influences for 2 consecutive years.