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    One. Freshmen

    1. International students should go to the SIE to complete the registration procedures with the admission notice, JW201 or JW202 form and passport within the specified time. Those who cannot enroll on time for any reason must ask for leave, which shall not exceed 2 weeks, by sending a email to Those whoregisterlate without taking leave will automatically give up their admission qualifications.

    2. Students who apply for a study period of more than 6 months should go through the verification procedures at Zhenjiang Entry-Exit Quarantine Bureau (go there by themselves or the school will send a bus) before registering.

    3. Passport, admission notice, JW201 or JW202 form, health certificate (valid for 6 months), and a 2-inch half-length frontal bareheaded photo must be submitted when registering.

    4. Self-financed students should pay the tuition, accommodation and related expenses for the current semester (or the current academic year) with CCB cards within the prescribed time for registration. Those who delay registration for some reason should pay the full fee within one month from the start of the semester.

    5. After completing the above procedures, apply for a student ID card in the Student Management Section of the School of International Education, and register the student number in the Academic Management Section. The student ID card will be collected from the Student Management Section of the International Education College one week later.

    6. International students living in international student apartments are required to pay a housing deposit (the fee will be determined by the logistics department).

    7. Participate in the admission series education organized by the School of International Education.

    Two. Sophomore and above students

    1.Sophomore and above students must return to school on time at the beginning of each semester. Students must register at the School of International Education with their student ID, passport and residence permit for the new semester.

    2. Those who fail to report for more than two weeks without asking for leave will have their study qualification cancelled and will be withdrawn from the school.

    Three. Other notice

    At the beginning of the semester, the School of International Education will organize various consultation and briefing sessions and the opening ceremony for international students. All new students should attend on time, and old students can participate voluntarily.